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Every era creates its own graphic and visual solutions that help us see and understand a design. As a designer, constructor or yacht builder, you need to be able to quickly visualise your ideas and your design, and present them to your client. In addition to the use of the latest digital rendering and VR techniques, we are now also seeing an upturn in the use of hand-drawn sketches right at the start and throughout the concept phase of the design process.

The abstract and suggestive character of a hand-sketched two or three-dimensional drawing leaves plenty of space for interpretation and the addition of new ideas. Using simple lines, clarity of form and dimension can quickly be achieved!
Herein lies the real strength of handmade Visuals, the creative drawing studio where ideas, objects and interior and exterior designs can be hand-sketched, especially for you.

“for those who want to be inspired by original handdrawn art and to reveal what is to them the pinnacle of visualization”

Spending a lot of time in drawing projects for the Design & Style team of Vripack International, the relationship with Vripack resulted in making several hand drawings for their Coffee-table-book 2017 which is a visual embodiment of the company’s evolution.

During my work at Vripack and other design studios, we rediscovered the continuing added value of ‘real-time’ sketching and draughtsmanship. Above all in the concept phase of the design process, manual sketches offer great connection and clarity in discussions between the client and owner’s representative and the constructor and designer.


Being an artist is never finding balm enough to soften my hands or my will for fulfillment. The art of drawing and sketching handcrafted exclusive designs is the statement that triggered me to start a journey into the discovery of the everyday
challenges and passions of an artist. Soon after my start as an independent manual draftsman in 1992, I met naval architect Pieter Beeldsnijder at his Design Studio in Edam/ Holland.

Since then my 3D drawings have been used for various projects in yachtdesign including Juliet, Hyperion, Athena, etc. Manual sketching in the pre-phase
of design was highly valued by clients and owner representatives, in particular at Royal Huisman. It is a very connecting ‘communication’ tool, also giving input for there own ideas. Based on this experience nowadays, Today I am proud to be part of various design teams
working in the Yachtbuilding-, Residence- and Automotive sector.